History: Newmarket Hotel Port Adelaide


The Newmarket building was erected in 1879 by the Port Adelaide Market Company and Designed by Adelaide architect G. C. E. Joachimi (another building amongst others designed by Joachimi is Ochiltree House, East Terrace Adelaide). The contractors were Mr J Kellet and Mr Cory from Port Adelaide.


The building (118 - 140 Commercial Road) consisted of a series of small business, amongst others were a butcher, bootmaker, plumber and a printing office know as the "new" market.


The "Newmarket" was one of the first arcade shops in South Australia.


The official opening took place on the 20th of November 1879 and was reported in the Port Adelaide News.


As early as 1880 a proposal to establish a hotel on the corner of Dale Street and Commercial Road Port Adelaide was put forward.


Granted a licence in March 1890 the cafeteria on the corner of Commercial Road and Dale Street was transformed into a bar and with seventeen rooms was known as the "Newmarket Hotel."


The first licencee of the Newmarket Hotel was Adolph Heise. A fruiterer before becoming the publican of the Livingstone Arms Hotel in Nile Street during 1888 (Adolph was 22 years of age).


When the Livingstone Arms Hotel closed on 11th June 1889 the license was transferred to the "Newmarket."


In 1889 Adolphs 22 year old sister Elizabeth took over the license and for over 50 years the Heise family were connected to the hotel with a pattern of placing members of the family in their early twenties in the position of responsibility of the hotel.



The removal of windows along the roof line which gave light to the original arcade within the building.

The carriageway from Dale Street was infilled during the 1940's.

During the early 1970's the verandah was demolished but reconstructed in the 1990's.



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